Accepted Papers

Preliminary Schedule


October 23, 2023


Adopting Digital Business Models: The Pivotal Role of Big Data in Guiding Managers – Poster

Jelena Lukić Nikolić, Pero Labus


The Attitude of Preschoolers to Monster Toys – Poster

Klopotova Ekaterina, Smirnova Svetlana, Tokarchuk Yulia


The Knowledge Economy and Technology Bubble in the IT Sector – Poster

Oleg Sukharev


Management of Innovations in Modern Business Processes – Poster

Ljiljana Stošić Mihajlović, Marija Mihajlović


The Impact of R&D Activities on Total Factor Productivity in Serbia: Application of the Generalized Method of Moments Approach – Poster

Lidija Madžar, Drinka Peković


Green Central Banking – Poster

Vesna Martin


Building Resilience to Job Loss of Older Workers by Enhancing Their Digital Literacy – Poster

Anđelka Stojanović, Isidora Milošević


Comparative Analysis of the Social Dimension in the Higher Education Strategies of the EU Member States and Candidate Countries – Video

Biljana Stankov, Nataša Papić-Blagojević


The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management – Poster

Biljana Ilić, Bojana Ostojić, Zorica Djurić


System Dynamics to Analyze Scenarios of Electric Cars Insertion in Brazilian Cities – Poster

Eugênio de Oliveira Simonetto, Glauco Oliveira Rodrigues, Paulo Roberto Langwinski, Luiz Claudio Dalmolin, Nilson Ribeiro Modro


Capital and Risk in the Tax System – Poster

Constantinos Challoumis


Start-up Ecosystem in India: Problems and Prospects – Video

Manya Gupta


Overview of Studies Regarding Knowledge Management Efficiency Factors – Poster

Verica Gluvakov, Mila Kavalić, Mihalj Bakator, Dejan Bajić, Stefan Ugrinov


Gradual Transformation of the Right to Work in Digital Environment – Video

József Hajdú


Assistive Technology for Elderly People in Long-term Care Settings – Video

Mengxuan Chen


Risks of Consumer Behavior Changes: Reflecting on the COVID-19 Pandemic Changes – Poster

Lenka Veselovská


Utilizing Machine Learning in Investment Portfolio Structuring – Poster

Vladimir Živanović


Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving in Modern Organizations – Poster

Dragana Kovač, Edit Terek Stojanović, Verica Gluvakov, Stefan Ugrinov, Maja Gaborov and Igor Vecštejn


The Influence of Ease of Doing Business on Innovation in Developing Nations – Poster

Mohsen Mohammadi Khyareh


Digitization in the application of the Quality 4.0 concept – Poster

Svetlana Stojkov, Edit Terek, Dragana Milosavljev


Smart City Risks – Poster

Mihaela Tarakcija, Goran Tepic


The Use of Predictive Analytics in Political Science: Africa between the East and the West – Poster

Tanja (Milošević) Kazić


The Impact of ICT Development on Economic Growth in Developing Countries – Poster

Mohsen Mohammadi Khyareh


The Impact of Mobile Cloud Computing on Entrepreneurship and Start-ups – Poster

Tiana Anđelković, Milica Stanković, Gordana Mrdak


The Healthcare Concept of Industry 4.0-Digitalisation of Health Protection – Poster

Radoje B. Jevtić, Ivana D. Janković, Momčilo B. Randjelović


Role of Financial and Digital Inclusion on Economic Growth of Asian Countries – Poster

Shumaila Zeb, Asma Javed


Synergy between Marketing Strategies 4.0 and Knowledge Management Processes in Small and Medium Enterprises – Poster

Stefan Ugrinov, Mila Kavalić, Edit Terak, Verica Gluvakov, Maja Gaborov


Application of Porter’s Models in the Analysis of Strategic Competitive Positioning in the Rakija Market in Serbia – Poster

Slobodan Adžić


Examining the Side Effects of Digital Dialogue in The Classroom – Poster

Momčilo B. Randjelović, Radoje B. Jevtić, Ivana D. Janković


The Use of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Sustainability in the Context of Society 5.0 – Poster

Dragan Ćoćkalo, Mihalj Bakator, Sanja Stanisavljev, Mila Kavalić, Dragana Kovač



October 24, 2023


Digitalisation of Public Services in Hungary – Live 10:00-10:20 AM (CET)

Edit Soós

Human-computer Interaction in Medicine and Biomedical Engineering – Live 10:30-10:50 AM (CET)

Jasmina Lozanović, Maja Đurović-Petrović


Students’ Attitudes towards Entrepreneurship as a Contributing Factor of Economic Change – Live 11:00-11:20 AM (CET)

Kosovka Ognjenović


Public Health and Population Perspective of COVID-19 as a Global Pandemic – Live 11:30-11:50 AM (CET)

Nazneen Akhter, M. Salim Uzzaman, Amr Ravine


Three Theories of Knowledge and Society – Live 12:00-12:20 PM (CET)

Nikola Mlađenović


Strategic Planning for Green and Innovative Regional Development – Live 12:30-12:50 PM (CET)

Inna Koblianska


Value-semantic Concepts of the Text in the Formation of the Pedagogical Picture of the World among Graduate Students – Live 13:30-13:50 PM (CET)

Chumicheva Raisa, Reznichenko Anna


Leaders and Followers: A Check against Reality – Live 14:00-14:20 PM (CET)

Sergey Ivanov


Evaluating the Influence of ICT on Economic Growth: Insights from the MINT Countries – Live 14:30-14:50 PM (CET)

Yilmaz Bayar, Oğuzhan Yelkesen


Factors Nurturing Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies – A Study of Underprivileged Entrepreneurs – Live 15:00-15:20 PM (CET)

Mohd Yasir Arafat, Ahmed Musa Khan, Mohammad Nasir


Sustainable Human-computer Interaction – Live 15:30-15:50 PM (CET)

Jasmina Lozanović, Maja Đurović-Petrović



The impact of globalization on the development of new knowledge of project managers – Poster

Zorana Tomić, Angela Fajsi, Slobodan Morača


The role of machine learning in marketing strategies within the Marketing 5.0 framework – Poster

Mihalj Bakator, Dragan Ćoćkalo, Luka Đorđević, Mića Đurđev, Borivoj Novaković, Slavica Prvulović


Some Aspects of the Criminal Potential of Artificial Intelligence – Poster

Aleksandar Filipović, Željko Bjelajac, Boro Merdović, Lazar Stošić


The Ethics Gap in Adolescents’ Online Communication – Poster

Khusnutdinova M.R., Poskakalova T.A.


Support for the Financing of Infrastructure, Projects From European Union Funds on the Example of the Construction of a Logistic Centre in Novi Sad – Poster

Aleksandra Pavlović, Angela Fajsi, Slobodan Morača


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media Marketing – Poster

Slađana Starčević


Network Analysis of the Relationship between Personality Traits and Online Behavior in Adolescents and Young Adults – Poster

Rubtsova Olga, Artemenkov Sergei, Salomatova Olga


The Role of School Culture in Creating an Image – Poster

Dinko Jukić


Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing and Marketing Communication of Companies – Opportunities and Issues in Creating a New Future of the Company’s Business – Poster

Zorica Đurić, Biljana Ilić, Larisa Jovanović


Predictive Analysis on Absenteeism at a workplace using Explainable AI – Poster

Abhirup Bhattacharya, Soumi Majumder


Pros and Cons of Being Digitally Involved – Poster

Abrosimova Larisa, Bogdanova Marina, Tatarchenko Andrey


Risk-based Thinking in Standard ISO 9001:2015 – Poster

Dragoljub Šarović


New Trends in Organizational Learning – Poster

Bojana Jokanovic, Nikola Stojic, Andrea Okanovic, Ivana Tomic


Right to Privacy vis a vis Cyber Space: Social Perception and Legal Protection – Poster

Sanjay Sindhu, Geetika Sood


Project Financing of Local Self-Government Units in the Republic of Croatia with Funds as a New Development Concept, Risks and Benefits – Poster

Dragan Dokić, Vesna Gantner


Ethical Problems in Communication with Consumers When Declaring, Labeling and Advertising Food Products – Poster

Nina Milošević


The Importance of Knowledge Management in Public-Private Partnership Projects – Poster

Aleksandar Đorđević, Biljana Rakić


Real Economic Challenges of the Republic of Serbia’s Exchange Rate – Poster

Jasnima Šmigić-Miladinović, Milan Veselinović


The Role of Brand Re-Innovation in the System of Reinnovation Radar – Poster

Tatjana Mamula Nikolić, Nenad Perić


Does the Capacity for Artificial Intelligence in Developed Countries Significantly Differ from that in Developing Countries? – Poster

Dejan Romih, Blaž Frešer


Algorithmic Management: Utopia or Dystopia of the Platform Work? – Poster

Tijana Kovačević


A Cyber Physical System for Prediction Based Energy Efficient Congestion Control

Anuradha Banerjee, Subhankar Ghosh


Transformational Leadership, Police Resilience and Psychological Well-Being during the Covid-19 crisis – Poster

Mohammad Azuwar Dol Mofti, Gazi Md Nurul Islam


The need of Technology in Apparel Retail Stores: Indian Perspective

Anil Kumar R, Dr Kinslin D


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Knowledge Management in Educational Institutions in India & Poland

Ashish Jorasia, Aksana Chmyha


Dynamics of Emotional State by Senior Adolescents in the Text Reading and Video Games Conditions – Poster

Evgeniya Gavrilova, Elena Shepeleva, Ekaterina Valueva


The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Business Agility and Success in the Digital Age – Poster

Jelena Lukić Nikolić, Charles Ramendran           


EU Investments in the Republic of Serbia – Importance and Forecasting Possibilities – Video

Nataša Papić-Blagojević, Biljana Stankov


The Concept and the Role of the Operator in Industry 4.0 – Poster

Radoje B. Jevtić, Ivana D. Janković, Momčilo B. Randjelović


Job Satisfaction in Scrum Teams – Poster

Maja Gaborov, Dragana Kovač, Nemanja Tasić, Dragan Kreculj, Nada Ratković Kovačević


Facilitating Innovation and Competitiveness: The Intermediary Function of the Ease of Doing Business – Poster

Mohsen Mohammadi Khyareh